Our Longstem Organizer business was established with one goal in mind: to maximize efficiency in space utilization. We set out to solve a common problem; i.e. where men and women can see all their jewelry and accessories at a glance. The old jewelry box, pouches or drawers full of tangled jewelry just didn’t cut it. A man's night table and closet are clusters of clutter The result of many hours of designing and redesigning and finally coming up with the perfect solutions is now what we call the Longstem Organizer family of organizers. We have continued this design philosophy and commitment to providing high quality and innovative organizational products. Our line now includes the Longstem Corner Organizer, the Men's Organizer Valet, the Organizing Jewelry Valet and three decorated designs aimed to serve smaller requirements;  a Butterfly, Heart, Clover and Star. Our unique designs are patented and trademarked.

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